Healthi Reward Details & Limitations

Client Sign-up: For a staff member to qualify for the incentive, they must successfully sign up 5 new clients.

Payment Conditions: The 5 new clients must pay the full monthly cost of R299 in advance, prior to attending their classes. Partial payments, installment plans, or any form of discounted pricing will not count towards the incentive.

Reward Allocation: On successfully meeting the above conditions, the staff member will be awarded 4 free classes for the month immediately following the successful sign-ups.

Class Selection: From the free classes earned, staff members can choose to attend any one class type from the following: Yoga, HIIT, Stretching & Flexibility, Pilates, Tai Chi, or QiQong. The chosen class type will be the only type of class they can attend for the duration of their free month. 

Other Terms & Conditions

No Rollovers: The 4 free classes must be used in the month immediately pending the confirmed payments of five signed-up members for the respective month. Unused classes will not be rolled over to subsequent months.

Transferable: The incentive is transferable, meaning staff can give their free classes to another staff member or client.

Modification & Termination: Healthi Wellness reserves the right to modify or terminate the incentive programme at any time without prior notice. However, any changes or termination will not affect incentives already earned as per the previous terms.

Clarification: For any queries or clarification regarding the incentive programme, staff members are encouraged to reach out to the Healthi Manager.


This incentive programme aims to reward our dedicated staff while ensuring growth for Healthi Wellness. We appreciate your continued dedication and hard work. Let’s make wellness accessible to all!