Gain a greater understanding of scale weight, discover lean body mass to fat mass ratio, learn more about specific metabolism type, more accurate understanding of results obtained.

Discover your centre line of gravity, persons diagnosed with postural deficiencies e.g. kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis.

Although your scale weight is a broad indication of your bodyweight, it does not necessarily indicate the overall weight situation a client may face. Using our various methods of testing, we are able to calculate exactly how much of a person’s  body weight is made up of lean body mass and overall fat mass separately – a true indication of just how favourable your current nutritional and exercise regimen is to suit your own body or metabolism type. A body fat calliper test is substantially more accurate than a BMI test for example, and is more specific to a person’s body type. 

Postural analysis will provide benefits in both a preventative and reactive sense. As an example, in a preventative sense, we can identify postural imbalances before they progress and before a slight pain worsens. In a reactive sense, the sports scientist and client will be able to better understand the root cause of, say, muscle tension, allowing us to treat it more effectively and definitively.

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PRICING FROM:  R349 (60 minutes)